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We Sell:

Are you interested in purchasing a rug?  If you have some idea about what you are looking for, please contact us about your search.  If you know the size, style (formal, informal, geometric, floral, etc.), and preferred colors, please include these details.


All inquiries will be given immediate and confidential consideration. Due to the rapid turnover in our inventory and the difficulty of presenting colors accurately, a limited selection of our rugs are displayed on our website under inventory.  We can provide digital photos of any of our rugs by email. If a rug interests you, we will either bring it to your home or ship it on approval by UPS.  This allows you to make certain it is the perfect fit both in size and colors.

The prices of our older rugs vary depending on the beauty, age, condition, and size of the piece.  Attractive older rugs are often more expensive than newly woven rugs.  However, over the years, the older rugs have held their value far better than copies.  New rugs rarely can match the beauty, wool quality and personality of good older rugs.

We Buy:

To inquire about our brokering/consignment program or about selling a single decorative carpet or an entire estate of rugs, please contact us.  We always need fresh, attractive old rugs in almost any condition (so don’t throw out that “worn” rug as it may have some value).  Having an attractive inventory of rugs depends on our success at acquiring pieces privately.

As most of our purchases result from word of mouth referrals and most of our sales are to retail customers, we are known for paying strong prices for rugs and we pay immediately.

It is most efficient if you forward a color photograph of the rug by mail or by email.  It is not necessary to take a picture of the entire rug a quarter of the rug is adequate.  If there are any areas of wear or damage, a photo of that would also be helpful.  A close up photo of the back of a corner of the rug with a ruler included in the photo is appreciated.


If you are interested in consigning your rug, please contact us.  After evaluating your rug for its marketability and fit with our current inventory, we can either arrange a direct sale or a consignment agreement. 


Runge Oriental Rugs expertly washes oriental, hooked, braided, and machine loomed wool carpets.

We Don't Just Clean Rugs We Wash Them.
Runge Oriental Rugs, in affiliation with Rite Way Cleaning of Waldoboro, Maine, expertly washes your oriental, hooked, braided, and machine loomed wool and cotton area rugs.
We take pride in the way we wash rugs. We do it the old fashioned way. First imbedded dirt is removed by Dusting the rug with the Rug Badger. Then it is washed as many times as necessary using gentle detergents and lots of clean cold water. To assure no detergent residue the rug is rinsed, often several times before spinning the water out in our state of the art Rug Centrifuge. It is then air dried in our climate controlled drying room.
Runge Oriental Rugs and Rite Way Cleaning are the only rug and rug cleaning businesses in Northern New England to offer rug washing to the public.
We receive rugs from all over the United States for washing.
We do not shampoo rugs. Check our link with Rite Way Cleaning and feel free to contact either of us for details.

$2.75 per square foot to wash most rugs
$3.60 per square foot for urine/feces
$4.10 per square foot for Moth wash & treat with Resist
Shipping available

Repair and Restoration:

Whether it is basic edge/end repair or major restoration, Runge Oriental Rugs is happy  to quote you a reasonable price for the work.  It is preferred that you bring your rug in for examination as only approximate figures can be given from photographs.

Runge Oriental Rugs guarantees the quality of our washing and repair services.  Most of the repair work is performed at our Yarmouth store and at Rite Way Cleaning in Waldoboro.

Custom Rug Pads:

Runge Oriental Rugs will custom cut rug pads for your new or existing rug.  Rug pads prevent slipping, providing a more stable surface for foot traffic and furniture.  We have several choices available, please call or stop in for details.




Written appraisals can be done for insurance/replacement values, estate appraisals, or insurance adjustments.  House calls can be arranged as needed, call for information on fees.  Please note that appraisals cannot be written from photographs.

Runge Oriental Rugs offers free in-store verbal appraisals.  We love “talking rugs” and hearing the stories behind each one.  As we are sometimes out of the shop either showing or viewing rugs, it is always best to call ahead before bringing your rug in for an appraisal.

We work with museums and clients to examine and report on carpets that are offered them in either private or public venues.



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