We Sell:

Are you interested in purchasing a rug? If you have some idea about what you are looking for, please call, write, or email us about your search. If you know the size (minimum and maximum width and length), style (formal, informal, geometric, floral, etc.), and preferred colors, mention those as well. If possible, it is always best to start a room with a carpet.

All inquires will be given immediate consideration and all of our business is kept confidential. Because of our rapid turnover and the difficulty of representing colors accurately, we will only illustrate a few of our rugs. We can provide either 35mm color photos of my rugs by mail or send scans of these photos by email. If a rug interests you, we will either bring it to your home or ship it there on approval by UPS.

The cost of our older rugs vary depending on the beauty, age, condition, and size of the piece. Attractive old rugs are usually more expensive than newly woven rugs. However, over the years the older rugs have held their value far better than copies. New rugs very rarely can match the beauty, wool quality, and personality of good old rugs.

If we don't have what you are looking for, we can do a search for that ideal rug.


We Buy:

To inquire about our brokering/consignment program or about selling a single decorative carpet or an entire estate of rugs, please contact us. We always need fresh, attractive old rugs in almost any condition (so don't throw out that "worn" carpet as it may have some value). Having an attractive inventory of rugs depends on our success at acquiring pieces privately.

As most of our purchases result from word of mouth referrals and most of our sales are to retail customers, we are known for paying strong prices for your rug, and we pay immediately.

It is most efficient if you forward a color photograph of the rug by US Mail or by email. We do not need a picture of an entire carpet - a quarter of the rug is adequate. If there are any areas of wear or damage, a photo of that would also be helpful. A close up photo of the back of a corner of the rug with a ruler included in the photo is appreciated. If it is easier to purchase a disposable camera, take the photos and mail us the camera - we will process the film if you can't.

We welcome your inquires.

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